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Want to impress your friends and family with the aerial photos and videos you take with a quality drone?  We love nature and what drones could do inspires us.  Get a Virtuoso Flying Machine and have some fun! 


We are a small company stand for protecting our environment and producing quality products. We use parts that are produced in Green Manufacturing process.  Support us and support our environment.  


With this limited time offer, you are set to succeed with your fall weekend plans in the nature.    

Customer Reviews

Took a few try's to get the hang of the controls. Very stable in light winds Make sure you orient the Ual correctly before each flight green facing away from you. If you are beginner have a lot of space. Do not fly indoors unless you live in a warehouse.. Enjoy  - Charles, Los Angeles 

I am very happy with my first drone purchase. It has many features not found on similarly priced drones, and was easy to learn to fly. The included 2nd battery is a BIG plus, and am getting anywhere from 10-15 mins. flight time with each. Overall, I AM very happy that I purchased this! Great product and great customer service and support.  - Dennis, Colorado Springs 

One of the best beginner's drone. I flew it indoors and outdoors. In the indoors, it was quite stable and easy to manage. But in the outdoors it was a bit difficult to handle due to wind etc. This is my first drone and I am happy that even after falling down a few times, it is still the same and works the same.  I would definitely recommend for the beginners.  - Mark, San Jose  

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